William R. Mason Regional Park

Mason Park, also known as William R. Mason Regional Park, is a park in the center of Irvine, CA. Trails wind through this, one of Irvine’s many huge parks. The 339 wooded acres that make up Mason Park also feature a 9-acre lake perfect for sailing model boats, a number of playgrounds, and miles of pathways perfect for bicycling and hiking.

There are free activities and over 300 acres to explore at William R. Mason Regional Park, perfect for a day with the family in the great outdoors. The park features a big lake, facilities for sailing model boats, and three toddler-friendly playscapes ideal for burning off excess energy, and it is interconnected by a network of hiking and bicycling routes. There is a protected wilderness section in the park that is just waiting to be explored.

The entirety of William R. Mason Regional Park can be explored on foot via the park’s many paths. The full park perimeter, with a length of 2.9 miles, is accessible on foot or bicycle. There is relatively little elevation increase on any of the routes, making them suitable for the whole family.

The park’s paved trails serve as a fitness course. The park is laced with paved paths perfect for strolls or rides on bikes. On the other side of Culver Drive, in Mason Regional Park, you’ll find the 123-acre Wilderness Area, perfect for mountain biking and hiking. Turtle Rock Trail and Sand Canyon Wash Trail are two of the area’s unpaved options.

In 1973, the first 45 acres of Mason Park were made available to the public. In 1978, work was finished on the second phase of the development, which added another 50 acres and featured a lake covering 9.2 acres.

Mason Park is actually in two portions due to its location on both sides of Culver Drive. Over on the park’s eastern edge, you’ll find an undeveloped stretch of land. The area is covered with bush, and a bike path and a creek run through it. As one might expect from a location on the northern edge of the San Joaquin Hills, the landscape is rough. The park’s southern border is marked by a substantial barrier.

Mason Park is more like a traditional park on its western side than its eastern side. While there is wilderness all around this side, it is primarily flat grassland with only a few small hills or rises. Central to the park is a man-made lake of roughly 900 feet across and 800 feet in length, which serves as a haven for migrating birds and other species.

William R. Mason, who served as president of the Irvine Company from 1966 until his untimely death in 1973 at the age of 54, is honored with the naming of this park. There are a number of trails that converge on Ridgeline, a street that links University Drive with Turtle Rock Loop.

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