Irvine Farmers Market

In the agriculturally prosperous area surrounding Irvine, where the growing season lasts pretty much the whole year, you can get plenty of fresh produce at any of the several farmers markets that are open on any given weekday. Two certified farmers’ markets are hosted in Irvine by the Orange County Farm Bureau: one on Tuesday mornings at Irvine Regional Park, and another on Saturday mornings in the area around the beautiful Mariners Church. On Sundays, from 10 AM to 2 PM, the Orange County Great Park is home to a third recognized farmers’ market.

Located directly outside UC Irvine, this bustling market boasts Orange County’s widest array of stalls. High-quality, everyday staples to more out-of-the-ordinary fruits and vegetables from both well-known and up-and-coming farmers in Southern California’s famed farmers markets. Produce such as asparagus, potatoes, apples, berries, grass-fed beef, artisanal sausage, fresh seafood, bakery goods, and savory and sweet ready-to-eat meals. Plant starters for flowers, herbs, and veggies. There are also several stalls selling things other than food. Get there early or stay late if you dare, because parking can be difficult.

Certified farmers’ markets in California are the real deal, with produce coming straight from real farmers. The county agricultural commissioner checks the records of every farmer who sells at a registered market to ensure that the farmer genuinely grows the crop being sold.

Rather than going via a middleman, try purchasing directly from the source. You can support local growers and makers while stocking up on fresh produce. By interacting directly with farmers and food producers, consumers might feel more connected to their food.

The chance to help out some neighborhood families. Certified farmers’ markets are better for the community since the money spent there goes directly to small farms. Learn how to track down elusive things. Farmers’ markets typically have an array of fruits and vegetables that isn’t found in conventional supermarkets.

Minimize your impact on the environment. Produce purchased at farmer’s markets has a lesser carbon footprint because of the shorter distance it travels from the farm to the consumer. In other words, you need to buy newer fruits and vegetables. Farmers market produce is sometimes picked days (or even hours) before market, after it has ripened to perfection in the field or on the vine.

Participate in Orange County’s rich history. In nearly forty years, the Orange County Farm Bureau inaugurated the county’s first recognized farmers’ market. Ever since then, gathering together as a community to share a meal has been an annual ritual throughout the county.

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